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If you have searched the internet or even just switched on your TV you will have come across a whole plethora of companies offering you website development, either bespoke or toolkits to do it yourself. So how do you choose?


Toolkits are fine as far as they go, but are limited almost by definition as they are designed for the non-IT professional to use. If you need something outside their capabilities you're stuck and is this something you really want to do yourself?


You make money by spending your time on what you do best - your business. I can do what I do best in order to maximise your profits.

A complete solution

Every aspect of your website requirements will be taken care of; from design to implementation, domain name acquisition, hosting, optimisation, full after-sales support, even photography and text paraphrasing if you wish.

The PTS IT Solutions approach

I use a professional website development package that is essentially unlimited in its capabilities as it allows dedicated scripting (the base language that browsers like Explorer, Chrome and Firefox understand) to be embedded. Importantly it is still all entirely standards-based, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the whole website can be easily transferred in the future should you so wish.


As a result you can be assured of a professional result, a website that will stand out, be easy to navigate, it will be unique to you and not a 'cookie cutter' site and therefore attract customers, the whole point of the exercise.


It is your website so the first step is to sit down with you and discuss what it is you want out of your website. How can we incorporate your USP's to catch the attention of new customers and ensure repeat business from existing ones.


Is all this personal attention costly? No, I think you will find the costs extremely competitive. See my rates page for full details.