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Residential Networks

Many computer networks in residential homes these days are as complex as a small business with multiple pc's, laptops, tablets and iPads, smartphones and printers, even TV's. All of these devices can be connected to the home router and to each other. Calendars and files can be synchronised between devices.


Not surprisingly problems often arise with network connections, devices not seeing or incompatible with other devices, wireless out of range etc. These problems are usually relatively easily solved - just call the number above!


Thinking of upgrading? Call now for expert advice before deciding. All types of hardware and software supplied.

Software and Hardware maintenance & repairs

Computer slowed to a crawl? Think you have a virus? Need a memory upgrade? laptop screen broken? Worried you have lost your family photos and don't have them backed-up? Or it just plain doesn't work!


Don't despair. Just give me a call and we'll have you up and running again before you know it. I will always give you an honest appraisal and remember most PC problems are worth fixing. There will be occasions however where you may have to say goodbye to old faithful. If that's the case I will gladly supply you with a no-obligation quote for a new pc.

Looking for tuition?

PTS IT Solutions pc tuitionIf you just need some tuition on your PC, whether basic instruction or more advanced Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint instruction, I will be more than happy to help.
Special rates apply - just call for more details.