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Small Business

Small businesses are the mainstay of my client base. From Accountants to Working Farms to Solicitors to Wine Distributors, they cover the whole gamut of trade and business. As someone who has cofounded small businesses myself I am acutely aware of not just the technical side of IT, I understand how businesses and in particular small businesses run.

I never forget it's your business

I will listen to your needs and suggest solutions, I will not dictate you need the latest and greatest (and most expensive!) options available. All too often I have seen businesses with far more than they really need, supplied by IT companies more interested in their turnover than yours. I will look to the right balance of equipment and software that meet your needs now and in the foreseeable future.

My way of working

You are paying me for my experience and expertise, so that's what I charge for. I don't make money out of supplying equipment or software, I charge everything at cost plus 10% (simply to cover admin and insurance costs). I receive no commission from any supplier, I am happy to use any preferred supplier or manufacturer that you may wish to use.

And the cost?

I am acutely aware of the cost constraints of a small business - I am one myself!
Full details are on the Rates/T's & C's page. My rates are very competitive and I believe I provide good value. You can expect a very high level of expertise and professionalism from me in order to keep your IT network running efficiently. Can you pay less? Undoubtedly (you could also pay a lot more), but just remember the old business adage 'if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!' Downtime is very expensive, you can't afford to cut corners.


Discounts apply for regular maintenance work!