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There are essentially 2 aspects to website optimisation; structure and SEO (search engine optimisation).


By structural optimisation I mean the ability to logically navigate your way around the site with ease and speed of access to the data you want.


People's demand for fast access to what they are looking for has never been higher and they will rapidly lose patience with pages that are too busy or too gimmicky to find what they need quickly. Slick and quick is the key.


It doesn't mean you can't make your website visually interesting, quite the reverse, but careful design is needed to ensure your customers' interest is spiked and can then quickly drill down to find the detail.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation refers to how the website is designed to allow search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your site such that it appears high up the list when a user initiates a search for a keyword or phrase relevant to your website and business.


As you might expect there a number of aspects to this, some well-defined, others more of a black art. Incorporating your specific USP's (Unique Selling Points) into the right places is an essential part. This will form part of our initial discussions.

I have had a great deal of experience in planning and designing for SEO, aided also by the optimiser incorporated into the professional development package that I use. Additionally as I have both Google and Microsoft accounts (for Bing and Yahoo) I am able to make use of their own optimisation tools. It is a multi-faceted approach!