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Welcome to PTS IT Solutions

PTS IT Solutions is run by me, Chris Durbidge, an IT and Telecommunications professional for more years Chris Durbidge, IT consultantthan I care to remember. During my career I have designed and developed both hardware and software, run Engineering groups, co-founded high-tech startup's and been involved in just about every aspect of IT development; from PC's, peripherals, servers, networks to mobile devices and office phone systems.

My customers

While most of my customers are small businesses I am just as happy to resolve any IT issues at home too. Indeed many homes these days consist of networks with multiple devices.

So what's different about PTS IT Solutions?

Professionalism, reliability and experience. IT  and Computer Services is much more than just fixing things when they go wrong, it's about creating and maintaining a reliable system and network, so that your business continues working. A reliable IT system is essential to virtually every business these days. If your IT system is not working at full speed, neither is your business.


I haven't become an IT professional by coming straight out of an IT repair course, I have  gained my expertise from my many years as a development engineer. I know and understand the technology from the inside.


I have been working freelance for over 10 years and have built up a client base of regular customers almost entirely by referral and recommendation.


PTS IT Solutions is registered under the Data Protection Act.