Customers who subscribe to software maintenance can be sure that their computer network is always set for maximum reliability, stability and security.


While you can set your pc's to automatically update Microsoft software, other application software and drivers will not necessarily do this. There is much more to your network than Microsoft. Manufacturers are constantly improving their software to solve compatibility issues (a common problem that can cause pc's, peripheral devices and applications to not interact correctly or even fail) and just as importantly security holes. Virus attacks and hacking are more commonly caused as a result of out-of-date software than not having an anti-virus program!


Additionally regular maintenance allows checks to detect possible impending problems and therefore to take preventative action. When did you last check that your backups actually work? That pc or server slowing down may be due to it starting to run out of memory, or perhaps the router is running out of steam as a result of a gradually expanding network. Don't wait until it actually falls over as so many people do.


There is no annual fee for regular maintenance, as always you only pay for work that is actually done. In fact maintenance customers get a 10% discount on all labour charges! How often you need maintenance depends on the size of your network, but typically once every 1 to 2 months is sufficient. To qualify for the discount it must be at least every 3 months.